March Together! The former King of the Eredivisie Joins Forces with Juli Sports to Set Off Again


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Recently, Juli Sports completed the signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement with Feyenoord Football Club, the Champions League Winners club, and the former king of the Eredivisie. The Juli Sports’ brand name is stationed in the team's Rotterdam home stadium!

Feyenoord was founded in 1908 and is one of the three traditional Dutch soccer teams, standing alongside Ajax and PSV Eindhoven, and has dominated the Dutch soccer world for nearly 40 years. The team's 100-year history has won 14 Dutch League titles, 10 Dutch Cups, and 2 European Union Cups, and became the first Dutch team to win the European Cup in 1970, making them the rightful kings of the Dutch League! On May 6, 1970, in Milan, in front of 25,000 Dutch fans, the score was set at 2:1 at the San Siro after a goal in the 117th minute of extra time, beating their rivals Celtic of Scotland to the top of European clubs!



Such a meritorious team has chosen Juli Sports as their sponsor, which means itself a recognition and affirmation of Juli Sports that is based on the corporate purpose of “concentrate and strive for innovation”. Although the brand originated in London, England, the founder, Ward Davies, has always been concerned about the future of Chinese soccer and has moved the overall score of the company back to China and cultivated it deeply in China. We can believe that in the future, with the efficient operation of the brand, they can further bring the company to a broader international stage!

Since its establishment, Juli Sports has combined with the elite team to build together, focused on the love and enthusiasm for sports, in line with the national policy to develop the sports industry vigorously, and got rid of the traditional thinking of the past, giving online and offline exclusive sports services to provide a full range of sports development in place.

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Back to this sponsorship cooperation, the brand chose to sign Feyenoord Football Club with a large sum of money has also made a lot of consideration, once brilliant glory makes them more willing to choose a solid brand to help themselves back to the throne, and Juli Sports is the top brand that perfectly fits this certainty, which has formed a series of whole industry chain business closed loop around sports operations, etc. It can provide an integrated and comprehensive service for every user who accesses the platform. It is the corporate vision of Juli Sports to do sports, give back to sports, and inherit sports. It is the vision of Joly Sports to preserve the spirit of Chinese sports, give back to the people a better sports life, and develop this spirit into global.

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